Month upward trend in industry development

  society develops, the richer, the more perfect domestic service. Professional training month service as the social division of work refining, urban family structure of miniaturization, the modernization of the aging of the population and life, these factors have prompted the people to include housework, child care and other aspects of the needs of the elderly more and more requires increasingly high standards of service.
at present, such as Beijing, Shenzhen and other large cities in China, confinement services, the gap is very large.
recently, the State Council had specifically discussed the policies and measures to develop family services, strengthening employment services and vocational skills training, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of family service practitioners, specification for domestic service providers, family and relationship of rights and obligations between domestic service and increase fiscal and tax policy support. China will continue to improve policies and regulations system of domestic service industries, promote the healthy development of domestic service, the service industry has become the leading industry.
, an industry must go through a process from immaturity to maturity. Current national and provincial support for family services more and more, some domestic companies are continuously strengthening the training and management of confinement, but with the increasing confinement services treatment, will attract more talents into the industry, so in the long run, confinement services market demand will gradually be eased.

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