Nursing training began in villages and towns

  on October 15, the women's Federation held four nights the town nursery (month) training course, which is the city's nursing training went into the town for the first time. From the town the village (community), a total of more than 80 women to participate in training.
City school teachers focus on infant physiological and psychological development characteristics, infant education, daily care and nursing, baby game design and guidance, infant nutrition, life care which is explained. While using PPT, videos, hands-on mentoring, training practices, has been warmly welcomed and praised by the majority of students.
by training, on the one hand the vast numbers of rural women to enhance knowledge of prenatal and postnatal care, neonatal care, further promoting the idea of quality of life in rural areas and improve on the other, with the month the market demand continues to expand, also to month after service of women provides a good job training, to further expand employment path.

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